Monat: Juni 2008

Naafkopf (2570m) and Augstenberg (2359m) – 2 day trip – Lichtenstein

Two day trip in Lichtenstein. We stayed overnight in a nice hut at about 2000m (Pfälzer Hütte) just at the Border. First day we hiked up to the hut left the sleeping bags and hiked a little further on the Naafkopf. There was still quite some snow. Back at the hut […]

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Gerenspitze (1871m) – Bregenzer Wald

Hike from the Laternsertal on the Gerenspitze. There was not really a path we just somehow hiked the way up and down.

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Hohe Kugel (1645m) – Bregenzer Wald – From Ebnit

My second time on the Hohe Kugel. This time from Ebnit. Sadly this time the view and weather was not that good.

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