Monat: Januar 2015

Eiffel Tower by night

Paris 2015 – in Black and White

Last week I went to Paris on a business trip for the whole week. Eventhough it was kinda stressful I had 2 nights for a little bit of photography – one night at Notre Dame – the other at the Eiffel Tower (which somehow grew since I was last here […]

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Medina and Kasbah Sousse

Tunisia 2014 – Sousse – El Djem – Kairouan

It is about 15 years ago I was last in Tunisia. The reason to go was that holidays are really really cheap there and after all those expensive holidays a cheap destination was a good idea. For the first time since many many years I chose to go with a […]

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Kegelrobben Helgoland

Helgoland 2014 – Gray Seal Experience

Helgoland is a small island in the North Sea, about 2-3 hours from the German coast by boat. Some years back there was almost no tourism in winter time but that changed with the Gray Seals (Kegelrobben) appearing on the shores to breed an getting their little babys. Other than […]

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