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Sao Paolo was never really on my travel list, but during a business trip I had the chance to see a bit of the city. Most impressive is the huge size. The whole area in and around Sao Paolo counts around 22M people. The city is just massive. Basically I just had a day to walk around the city. Sunday one of the main streets (Avenida Paulista) is closed for traffic and you can walk up and down on the street. The market (Mercado Municipal) is also a good stop, the Motadella Sandwich is a must. It is massive. The Football musem is also nice, most of it is explained in Portuguese just a bit in English. It is also nice to watch the 7 goals from the world cup 2014 which they did not forget in the museum :). Next stop was Parque Ibiraquera a big park – a bit like Central Park in New York. The last place I visited was Batman Alley. In this area there are a lot of wall paintings that were quite impressive.

Well I would not put Sao Paolo on my travel list. Even if the people are friendly, the food is good, there are much nicer places to visit in Brasil as a tourist. In the end it is just a business destination.

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