Monat: Juli 2013

Plane spotting Zurich Airport

Saturday morning 5:30… Time to leave to Zurich airport, but not to fly away, insead Torben and I went to see planes start and land what is called plane spotting. Zurich is the next biggest airport and is plane spotter friendly as I read in the internet before. I don’t know how other airports are, but […]

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For the first time I went hiking this year. The weather was nice and sunny. I took it very easy and just went on an afternoon trip to the Hochgrat. There is a gondola uphill with a (self service) restaurant (with cheese cake) on top. The rest of the day was […]

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Finally summer

Not much to say. After one week finally the weather is like it should be. Warm and sunny. These are some pictures I took in Meersburg today.

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