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Saturday morning 5:30… Time to leave to Zurich airport, but not to fly away, insead Torben and I went to see planes start and land what is called plane spotting. Zurich is the next biggest airport and is plane spotter friendly as I read in the internet before. I don’t know how other airports are, but in Zurich are several spots, every spot has a big parking, and you can buy food and drinks. Depending on the time of day the runways are differently used for starting and landing.

The first location we went to is called Heliport. In the early morning planes are landing on the runway in front of the location. Especially to see the landing of the Singapore Airlines A380 it is a good location. Later the day the runway is used for starting. Just from the sunlight it is not perfect because you look East into the sun in the morning, but during the day it gets better. What is great is that they cut little holes in the fence you can put the camera through.

The second location we went to is North of the Airport at the „Naturschutzgebiet Vordermoos“. At the weekend from 9am onwards the airplanes use the other runway to land and all airplanes approach here.

At midday we switched back to the first location to see the bigger airplanes leave to the US and Asia.
For the first time plane spotting I think some good pictures came out.

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