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Budapest by night

Budapest December 2016

The last trip this year was a 6 day business trip to Budapest. The first days were full of work and I only had time to visit the Christmas Market twice in the evening. It was already getting dark at about 4pm so no chance for taking any city-pictures. The […]

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Iceland – Winter 2016

This was my second trip to Iceland and I went to many places I have been before. The difference, now was winter! Well if you thought it is super cold up there – wrong. Maybe in the mountains but the coast is under the influence of the golf current. Temperatures […]

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at the beach

Norway 2015 – Lofoten in the winter

Flying North in wintertime – even above the Artic circle – sounds stupid? It was not. With the right weather it is a real winter wonderland up there. Due to the Golfstream the Lofoten Islands can be warmer than South Germany in wintertime. Plus during the night there is the […]

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