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Flying North in wintertime – even above the Artic circle – sounds stupid? It was not. With the right weather it is a real winter wonderland up there. Due to the Golfstream the Lofoten Islands can be warmer than South Germany in wintertime. Plus during the night there is the possibilty to watch the Actic Lights.
Sadly we were not that lucky with the sun and good weather, the first and last day it was sunny, but the rest we had lots of snowfall and rain. Still the trip was totally worth it – the landscape is just beautiful.
To get to the Lofoten Islands is quite easy. We just had to fly to Hardstad-Narvik airport via Oslo and take a rental car. It is about a 3hrs drive to Svolvaer the little capital of the Lofoten.
The first 3 nights we stayed directly at Svolvaer (at the highly recommendable Svinoya Rorbuer). From here we did some small tours – especially the trip to Henningsvaer was fantastic.
Also we did a sea eagle safari to the Trollfjord. A really amazing tour. First the crew atract seagulls with small pieces of fish. This gets the attention of the eagles. They come closer. Then the crew pumps up dead fishes with air (so that they swim at the surface) and throws them overboard. The eagles fly down and grab the fish. Really cool to watch.
The second location we stayed for another three nights was Reine at the „west-end“ of the Lofoten. Reine is a small city in a beautiful location sourrounded by water and mountains. We visited several beaches and checked out small fishing villages.
Sadly we did not really get lucky with the polar lights. Only the night we arrived it was clear and we saw them – but not really strong. We did not have the WOW-effect. So there is definitly another trip leading up north next winter.
Enjoy the pics 🙂

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