Monat: Mai 2013

Sailing in Überlingen and Sunset in Birnau

Last week I had the chance to go sailing on the lake in Überlingen which was great. I havn’t been sailing for some years so it was about time. When I think back last time I went was 10 year ago in the Baltic Ocean. It was good wind and weather was […]

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Berlin 2013

I have been to a lot of capitals of the world but never to Berlin. Now it was about time to visit the own capital for 3 days. Sadly still my health was not the best and I was not fit enough to run around all day (and especially not at night). That […]

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In and above the fog – Meersburg and Birnau

I have not tested my new Lens (Sigma 35 mm 1.4) yet so it was about time. The morning started foggy in Meersburg. I did some pictures at the ferry harbor. Visibility was really bad just about 50 Meters. Later I went to Birnau where the sun was out and the […]

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