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I have been to a lot of capitals of the world but never to Berlin. Now it was about time to visit the own capital for 3 days. Sadly still my health was not the best and I was not fit enough to run around all day (and especially not at night). That really sucked. Only 5-6 hours a day of sightseeing was more than enough… and I was done and had to take the Taxi back to the Hotel. At least I could enjoy the biggest Hotel room I ever had. 30-40sqm with 2 flatscreen TVs and a balcony ;).
Berlin was quite impressive more than I thought. A lot of new and very modern buildings almost futuristic. Also a lot of green areas. I liked it. Even if very touristy it is recommendable to do a little 1hr Spree cruise that gives a little different look of the city. I think I saw most of the important things even if I was not feeling good. On the last day the Reichtagskuppel was on of the highlights. Well I left enough things for a second visit.

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