Monat: Oktober 2012

Nepal here I come

Finally the waiting time for the next big holidays is almost over. Only a half day of work tomorrow. My flight will be around 10pm Friday evening from Frankfurt to Delhi with Air India and from Delhi to Kathamdu were I will arrive Saturday in the afternoon. After some sighseeing […]

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Fall time at the Bodensee

The good weather is following me. The view is from the Gehrenberg close to Markdorf. Sadly the weather was not clear and we could not really see the alps. But the sky was clear and the milky way was visible.

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Hamburg 2012

What a weekend. First to mention of course is the 1:0 victory in the Bundesliga vs Hannover with the world largest choreography for the 125th anniversary of the team, and second to mention is the fabulous weather. I can not belive we had 2 days of sunshine and 1 day […]

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