Monat: März 2014

Montfort Castle Langenargen

Langenargen – Montfort Castle

And some more shots from the lake – this time from Langenargen with focus on the Montfort Castle.  Unlike last week the view was quite good. The alps were visible and the sky clear. Usually I am not at this part of the lake at this time, so I took […]

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Winter Weekend – Hiking – Hahnenköpfle (2085m)

This weekend was the only time this year for me that felt a little bit like winter. With the company football team we went to a hut in the Kleinwalsertal, Austria. Here we stayed for two nights. For skiing the snow wasn’t good enough, so I went winter-hiking instead. This […]

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Early Spring

Finally today I had a little time to take my camera to go to the lake to take some pictures. All week the weather was fantastic. Almost 20deg and sunshine the whole day – very unusual for this time of the year. Also the animals seem to enjoy the weather.

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