Monat: November 2011

San Sebastian

The short 3 day weekend in San Sebastian was a trip back into the warm weather. Instead of -1 back home it got up to 20 deg… lovely warm temperatures… T-shirt weather. Apart from the great basque food (Pinsho) there is quite a lot to see in San Sebastian. Lots of beaches, lots […]

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San Sebastian 2011

One of my friends was studying in San Sebastian (Spain) and I took the chance for a visit. While in Germany the temperature were already bloody cold, Northern Spain had beautiful weather. I flew from Stuttgart to Bilbao and took the Bus to San Sebastian. You did not see anything of the […]

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Istanbul 2011

Some crazy weeks are behind me… Just 2 weeks before flying to Istanbul I was in Las Vegas, and in between hiking in snow… Well Istanbul was great. It is one of my most favourite cities and it is easy to spend a lot of time there especially in the Bazaar […]

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