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Not even one month after the trip to Albania we were on the road again – this time Croatia and Bosnia. Starting point was Dubrovnik. I have been there some years ago on a cruise, this time we spent 2 nights in the city (or close to the city). Before the beginning of May it is winter season so prices are a bit cheaper, still we had the feeling that everything was quite crowded. Every day there was a cruise ship in port. It was good to have a rental car to drive to the viewpoints. After Dubrovnik we drove to Mostar where we spent 3 nights. The first two days it already had 30 degrees. Mostar was also very busy with tourists but it got more relaxing in the evening and even more in the morning where I was the only one taking pictures. From Mostar we visited the monastary Blagaj Tekke. Also the small city of Pocitelj with its fortress – and the famous Kravica Waterfalls. We liked Bosnia very much, the food was amazing and cheap. The last 2 nights we spent in Orebic back in Kroatia – about 2hours north of Dubrovnik at the ocean. Also here the season was kicking off with already quite some tourists around. We did one boat trip to Korcula. I don’t want to know how busy all those spots will get in summer. 

Very nice region at this time of the year.

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