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What a weekend. First to mention of course is the 1:0 victory in the Bundesliga vs Hannover with the world largest choreography for the 125th anniversary of the team, and second to mention is the fabulous weather. I can not belive we had 2 days of sunshine and 1 day cloudy but warm. The last times I was there it was always raining or it was bloody cold.
Of course the first thing we did was the harbour cruise to get an impression of how big the harbour is. I did it at least 5 or 6 times but still I like it. Also I have never walked the old Elbtunnel that is not in use anymore for cars but for pedestrians and bikes. Saturday afternoon was the football match – 57000 people sold out. Sunday there was lots of walking – Michel – Hafencity also the sailing ship Rickmer Rickmers. Monday I went the second time into the miniature wunderland which is still amazing. Especially the new airport with planes starting and landing. WOW! After some time in the museum we took the ferry down to Övelgönne for a walk at the Elbe to Teufelsbrück.

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