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This is my second trip to Bulgaria. Again to visit Iliana and her Family and again in winter. It was COLD!
Again (like 4 years ago) I used my Lufthansa miles to fly to Sofia. Sadly the first days the weather was very foggy. The first day we spend in Sofia and visited the sights of the capital. Most important to mention is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The city center was still very nice decorated from Chirstmas and very colorful. Other than that Sofia seemed a lot more westernized than 4 years ago. Back then I could hardly read anything (cyrillic) – that has changed now, as well as a lot of fency stores and malls were build.
After the day in Sofia we took a 2-day trip to Plovdiv with the very nice old town. Most famous here is the old Roman Amphitheatre. Sadly the fog was really bad as you can see on the pictures.  On the way back we took a little detour to visit one of the little mountain villages called Koprivshtitsa famous for its countryside architecture.
The last day the weather was the complete opposite – sunny. Due to the warm weather snow conditions were very bad so instead of skiing we went winter hiking. Sofia lies at the bottom of the Vitosha mountain. We took the cable car to the top station, from there we hiked in 2 hours through the snow to the very top at more than 2200m to a little hut. The views and the weather were amazing. Vitosha used to be a small ski resort. Most of the lifts were closed years ago only one is open and operating.
The next day I was already flying back to get home for New Years eve. It was already dark when I landed in Stuttgart. Even though it was just 6pm there were fireworks everywhere and it was really nice to watch it from the sky.

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