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Still the weather is the same. It is freezing cold with wind and rain or even snow. Christmas was warmer than Easter, crazy winter… Well the Hotel was booked so of course we did go. Actually we got a bit lucky with the weather. It did not rain, and the sun did come out for some seconds. But it was freezing cold… Still there were a lot more Tourists (especially Asian) than it seems on the pictures.
The Hotel was between the trainstation and old City, very good location if you come by train. I have been a couple of times to Heidelberg before so I knew where to go. The view from the Castle is great, also on the other side from the Philosophenweg. Due to the weather I mostly did black and white shots.
In the evening I did some shots at the Old Bridge, they came out quite nice. Next time we come back the weather has to be better!

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