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From back home I can see the Alpstein-massif when it is a clear day on the other side of the lake but I never went hiking there, because it is much closer to go to Austria. But that did change last weekend. The forecast was good, but sadly there were clouds all over. The (very expensive!) cable car trip to the top was through clouds and from the top there was nothing to see but clouds… The mountain is below 2000meters but very high up the Rhine valley. The trip back took 6-7 hours with a big loop to Saxerlücke and Bollenwees and a lots of ups and even more downs… When the weather is nice the views are great. To one side the Rhine valley and the Austrian alps to the other side the swiss alps and to the north the Lake of Constance. But the view was bad only in the afternoon it cleared up. Hopefully it will be better for the next trips…

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