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What a start. The plane in Friedrichshafen was cancelled and Lufthansa put me into a Taxi to Munich. Luckily a passenger with a Senator Card was in the same taxi and took me into the Senator Lounge :). Filled up with food I got to the plane and I arrived in Venice with the last flight of the day. The rest of the family was already there. We spent 2 days in Venice before the cruise started. Sadly I had too much food and my stomach turned around and I was still very pale but fine when I entered the cruise ship (MSC Musica). Here we got lucky. Instead of a 2 inner cabins we got upgraded to ones with balcony. Nice. Leaving Venice by ship was one of the highlights. During the night we drove to the first stop Bari. Second stop was Katákolon from where we could visit the ruins of Olympia by Taxi. Next morning we reached Santorini where we had to reach shore with little boats. One full day we had in Athens, where we visited the Acropolis and got rubbed in the subway… (not me…). Next stop was Corfu and Dubrovnik. Especially Dubrovnik with the city wall and nice town was worth a visit. From Dubrovnik the ship drove back to Venice. We stayed another night before I was flying back, this time without problems.
The cruise was good although I expected a little more of the food (my expectations were too high I think). From the photographic point of view a cruise is not soo good, because you do not have much time at the ports and especially when the light is nice you are back on board.

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