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This one week break from cold weather was amazing. It was spring time in Jordan, temperatures were perfect. We (Family trip) flow from Frankfurt via Munich to Amman. Because we just had one week we did a organized tour. First day we visited Umm Qais at the Syrian Border and Gerasa with the ruins in the middle of the city. From Amman we went South via Madaba and the Mountain Nebo (where Moses saw the Holy Land) to the fortress of Kerak (crusader fortress). Destination for today was world famous Petra. We had one full day to explore the amazing ruins. First part goes through a narrow valley before seeing the treasury. This is the most famous picture. From here we walked all the way to Ed Deir. Fantastic day. Not so impressive was Aqaba at the Red Sea. I went snorkeling in the dirty harbor. One night we spend in the desert in Wadi Rum and did a Jeep Safari. One must stop was of course the Dead Sea – the deepest point in the world. Funny to lay into the salty water.
I think I good a good first impression of Jordan. Although the bordering countries are all more or less dangerous (Irak, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria…) Jordan is a safe place to visit.

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