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My first time to the US was basically the furthest place I could go – Alaska. I saved all year for that trip and it was totally worth it. I joined a adventure camping trip with the company Suntrek. I only had to bring a sleeping bag – the rest was provided. Tents, Van, Driver, Kitchen stuff etc… The route was fix, the Driver was Driver and Tour guide in one person. I got very lucky with group and tour guide (Dan). Also with the group with people from mostly Europe. We did cook the food on our own, every day another „tent“.
The route was great. From Anchorage first south onto the Kenai Peninsula. Afterwards North to Denali Nationalpark. Via Northpole, Chicken and the Top Of the World Highway we went to Dawson City (Canda). The campground was very rustical. We had to heat up the water from the Hudson river. From Dawson City we drove down to Whitehorse and further South to Hyder Alaska. Last stop in Canada was Vancouver. We crossed the Border to the US and stayed in Seattle. In 2-3 days we drove the rest to San Francisco. In San Francisco I had the chance to stay with friends for a week. They took me to Yellowstone National Park. From Oakland I was flying to Washington DC and stayed with other family friends. My mum was here 30 years ago when she was at about my age – funny. In Washington I stayed one week to visit the impressive museums and sights before heading back to Germany.
Sadly back than I did not have the same equipment I am having now. So just some pictures with my analog camera.

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