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Finally the waiting time for this years BIG trip is over.  I am sure the Antarctica will be one of the highlights I will do in my travel-life. First I need 32 hours to reach Ushuaia via Frankfurt and Buenos Aires. Six times the flight times and once the Airport! was changed in my flight-itinerary since the time I booked the flights. Every time with loonger and loonger delays…
The hardest part was to pack the luggage. Due to the very different tours I do and the extreme weather of the Antarctic summer I need a lot of different stuff. Especially for the Antarctic part I need it redundand, in case it gets wet or broken. Also the photo equipment is VERY heavy with 2 SLRs and multiple lenses… Hopefully Lufthansa will understand that if I show up with my equipment 😉

The cruise to the Antarctica will be on a 84 passenger ship called Ushuaia (like the town). From Ushuaia (the town) to the Antarctica it will take about 2 days (and back as well) through the usually very windy Drake Passage. 7 days will be in the Antarctica. Every day there will be 2 landings with Zodiacs. The destinations each day depend very much on the weather. But whereever it will be, there will be fantastic wild life. All landings will be wet, this means gumboots and water proof clothes.

When I am back in Ushuaia I will fly to El Calafate to join a Trekking Tour. First destination will be Fitz Roy close to the town El Chalten. I have been here 2 years before. This time I will camp there for 2 nights very close to the mountains. From El Chalten the tour will go back to El Clafate to visit the Perito Moreno Glacier. Accross the border (Chile) the next destination will be Torres del Paine. When I was here last time, the park was closed due to a big fire. This time plan is to hike the W – the most famous hiking tour in Patagonia. After 4 days in Torres del Paine a VERY long drive will lead back to Tierra del Fuego to stay a night on a ranch. Finally after almost 2 weeks I will be back in Ushuaia.

The way back has a 1 night stopover in Buenos Aires, before heading back home for a 2 week delayed Christmas 😉

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