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After the stressful Christmas time the whole family spend some days in the Bavarian Forrest. The idea was to relax and to do some wintersport but there was no snow at all. Everything related to winter was closed. Instead it was warm and sunny for most of the time – hiking instead of skiing.
Of course there was a some time for photography. One of the days I went into the National Park to see and photograph the wolves that are in a big outdoor area and are fed 3 times a week. The behaviour of the wolves was quite interesting to see. I never heard of an Omega wolf before. The ranger explained it this way. The wolf pack is bored so they chose one poor omega wolf (the weakest one) and chase him/her around.
I mentioned hiking before. We did not really do a big tour, but we visited the highest mountain of the Bavarian Forrest – the Arber a little above 1400m. At least a little bit of hiking after all the food during the holidays season 🙂
Enjoy the pictures

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