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On this trip to China I went with a friend (Philipp) from University. We joined an adventure group tour with lots of young people around the world. In Beijing we stayed for a couple of days to visit all the famous sights. Very impressive was the day trip to the Great Wall. We drove to a part quite far away from the city, but it was worth it. Absolutely no Tourists and it was already beautiful renovated (it had to be ready for the Olympics). From Beijing we took the overnight train to Xian to visit the world famous Terracotta army. Xian was a lot cleaner than Beijing. Especially the huge city wall was impressive – built with all the money from the silk road. From Xian we took another overnight train to the Yangtze for a 4 day Yangtze cruise. Amazing scenery. As closer we got to Chongqing the dirtier it got. From Chongqing we flew to Guilin and took the bus to Yangshuo for the beautiful countryside. With another overnight train we reached Kunming and Dali. One of the highlights of the trip was the Trekking in the Tiger Leaping Gorge right above the Yangtze. End of the trip was Lijiang famous for its old city. On the way back to Germany Philipp and I had a short stopover in Hong Kong and Macau – very different from the rest of China, it almost felt European.

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