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Todays topic was ice and glaciers. The weather was good, no rain, decent view. The road was awesome. Great views on the big glaciers. We stopped a couple of times for a glacier and a glacier lake until arriving for todays destination, the glacier lagune Jökulsarlon. This lagoon is famous for a James Bond movie. They closed the connection to the sea and it took 2 weeks until the lake frozes and they could shoot the car scenes on the ice. Today the connection is open again, and the ice goes out on the sea and the waves bring them on the beach. So there are small ice formations on the black sandy beach. Really nice to view. It is also possible to go in little amphibic boats on the lake. A little touristy but nice. We stood very long until it felt we reached the same temperature than the ice on the lake but some great shots came out of that day.

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