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Finally the first entry. Absolutely no time to write… So a short overview:

Day 1: Flights were alright. No food on the second flight which is a desaster for me ;). As rental car we got a Chrysler 300…

Day 2: Denver… Not much to see, just walking around the city… Visited the Oktoberfest and had the worst Käsespätzle in my life.

Day 3: Rocky Mountains National Park. Just 1.5 hrs away from Denver. The scenic Trail Ridge Road goes up to almost 4000m and has some nice lookouts. Took all day to drive to Grand Lake on the other side of the pass (have something to eat there) and back.

Day 4: Rocky Mountains National Park – Today was the hiking day. Getting up at 6am to catch the sunrise at Bear Lake. Afterwards a hike to several lakes with some really nice views, especially Mills Lake. In the afternoon 2 more hikes and a nice sunset.

Day 5: Getting up at 6am and taking some other sunrise pictures. Well, due to a 4hr stop at a shopping mall we did not reach Cody. Instead we are staying in Sheridan, Wyoming, 3-4 hrs away from Yellowstone.

Thats it for the moment, next entry will follow…

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