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For the best Fall Foliage colors we spend some days in the Green Mountains (Massachusetts / Vermont) and White Mountains (New Hampshire).

On the way from New York we first stopped at the Kent Falls State Park. State Pars are luckily not influenced by the Government Shutdown. Also we stopped at a Covered Bridge which is typical for the New England region.

The Green Mountains have some lovely small towns and beautiful countryside. The fall colors are amazing. We had almost peak colors. The only dissapointing thing was the weather. It rained for 2 days which was not good for the pictures. Still we got a very good impression.

The White Mountains are a little wilder. We stayed at Franconia just outside the state park called Franconia Notch. Again the weather was horrible and stormy. We drove northwards to escape the bad weather and got almost to the Canadian Border. Finally at our last day the weather turned to sunny and clear. All the pictures had to be taken in one day which meant getting up very early at 6 and a lot of driving. Highlight was the Mt. Washington Auto Road. Just before the evening closure we drove up the street to over 6000ft. At the top it was windy and below freezing. We had a fantastic view from the top which is usally in clouds.

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