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What a long travel day. Friday noon I got picked up by Micha who drove me to the Airport in Friedrichshafen. I checked in (luckily noone was interested in my 17kg Hand luggage). In Franfurt I arrived at 15:30. I had several hours to wait and I tried out the Luxx Lounge with my Priority Pass. Free drinks, some snacks and some movies on my Laptop did help to kill some time.
22:30 the Lufthansa 747 started for the 14hrs flight to Buenos Aires. For me it was the longest single flight I ever took (the longest before was to Singapore) and the worst. There was a really fat Argentinian sitting beside me and took half of my seat…  I could only sleep a little…
The flight arrived on time 8:00 in Buenos Aires and now I had another 8 hours to wait at EZE airport. There was nothing to do. I just sat around the waiting hall until I could finally check in. This took a lot of discussion! I had to weight my hand luggage – 17kgs – 5 was allowed. So I talked and talked and the final decission was to only take one piece of hand luggage + laptop (instead of 2 I had). The (now empty bagpack) went into hold luggage. Everything for free… uff.
Suprisingly for the 3hrs flight the Airplane to Ushuaia was a long distance one – an A330. It had an entertainment system, decent legroom a good suprise. 20:45 local time I arrived at the Hotel, this means I needed a little more than 36 hrs from door to door… goodnight…

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