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Three weeks I escaped the cold German winter to Mexico. The beginning sucked. 4 hours waiting in the plane for repairs and in Mexico my luggage did arrive 2 days late. Grrr. But from then on everything went great. First we stayed some days in Mexico, we visited the city and Teotihuacan. Then we went some days to Puebla. Back to Mexico City we flew to Cancun and got a (really bad) rental car for 2 weeks. After a night at the beach we drove to famous Chichen Itza and Merida. From Merida we drove to Campeche (with beautiful colored houses). On the way we visited the ruins of Uxmal. From Campeche we drove in 2 days to Tuxtla Gutierrez famous for the close Canon del Sumidero. We visited the canon by car from the top and by boot. We even saw crocodiles. 2 days we stayed in San Christobal de las Casas. A place I really liked with a lot of little markets. We did some tours in the surrounding towns. Especially San Juan Chamula is worth to mention with the weird church. A long driving day via Agua Azul (very blue river with some small cascades) and Misol Ha (a big waterfall) to Palenque. We stayed a full day in Palenque to explore the fantastic ruins. The next day we took an organized trip to Yaxchilan (only reachable by boat) and Bonampak at the border to Guatemala. One of my personal highlights was Calakmul in the middle of the jungle. We had to follow a street for almost 2 hours to reach this recently discovered site with huge pyramids and a great view over the jungle. Definitely a Indiana Jones Feeling. Via Bacalar we drove to Tulum, where we spent 3 nights at a lovely eco beach resort. Tulum are the only Maya ruins directly at the ocean. I got a huge sunburn. I was very sad that this tour was over, but happy to get rid of the rental car. From Cancun we flew back to Mexico City were we spend another 2 nights. With more than 40kg luggage I flew home 🙂

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