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The reason for this trip was to see Taj Mahal, the last of the New 7 Wonders I have not seen. But I was not so motivated to go to India for more than one week, so I combined that trip with a Trekking Tour in Nepal. I have been to Nepal 2 years before to Trek to Mount Everest Basecamp, now I went to the second famous destination – Annapurna. I did not do the Annapurna circuit, I did trek to the Sanctuary (Basecamp). The trek „only“ goes up to about 4400m, but felt more intense than the Mt. Everest Basecamp because it is a lot more up and down. The Trek took 10 days. One of the highlights beside the Annapurna Basecamp was Poon Hill. It is amazing to see the sunrise from the top of the little hill. After the trek I flew back to Kathmandu and further on to India. Back into the dirt. The air was just horrible. From Delhi I went to Agra to see Taj Mahal and further on to Jaipur. Still I do not like India. A little more about both trips you can find in the blog entries.

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