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After Chomrong the Lodges got a little more primitive and a lot colder. It took 2 days to get to Machhapuchhre (Fishtail) Basecamp (also called MBC). The path went through a valley and ascend from about 2000m to 3800m at MBC. As usual it was sunny in the morning but the final 600m of height were in fog. The Guesthouse at MBC was nice, they even had Wireless Internet. Later in the afternoon the clouds moved away and I could take some shots of the Fishtail Mountain in evening light. Although Fishtail (Machhapuchhre) has a basecamp, it is forbidden to climb the mountain. It is holy.
The last day to Annapruna basecamp was a short one. The climb was about 400m and did take 3hrs due to lots of photo stops. And finally the destination was reached. Annapurna Basecamp – or Sanctuary. All around the Annapurna range and a big glacier. Stunning view! You could hear the Ice cracking from the Glacier.
Everyone in the group made it to the Basecamp. Especially I had some problems with my wisdom tooth and stomach. But the view was worth it.
The weather was brilliant – until the afternoon. The evening got a lot colder than the nights before, but for 100 Rupies a Gas Burner (with open flame) was put under the table to warm everyone up. I had another Pizza which was good, and also the Hot Chocolate was really nice and well deserved :).
For the night I set my alarm clock to 3 am to take some shots of the Milky Way. Suprisingly it was not that cold and I managed to get out of my sleeping bag. To be honest I saw better nights skys but still it was impressive. Now here are some of the pictures from those days…

Part 3 with the rest of the trip will follow soon

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