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New York – here I come again – this time not for holidays, it is my 2nd business trip to the United States this year. Again I had planned my flights to have some extra time in the city and not just the working stress. With holidays almost everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere it was as bad as expected. I never saw so many tourists in the city. Long waiting queues, full subways, full streets. The first 2 nights I spent in the Financial District (surprisingly very cheap at this time of year), my work later was close to Central Park so I stayed up there.
The first days the weather really sucked, hot + rainy and humid. But of course I went outside with my tripod and did some pictures. Like everytime, the first thing I did was taking the Staten Island ferry to see if the Statue of Liberty was still there (it was…). What I always wanted to do is taking pictures from Brooklyn Bridge at night which I did.
This time I bought the City Pass which allowed me access to most of the sights I wanted to see. I did following:
– Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock) at daytime
– Circle Cruise at daytime (plus halfprice evening lights cruise)
– Empire State Building at sunset
– American Museum of Natural History
– Intrepid Airplane carrier
One highlight was seeing the Baseball Derby New York Yankees vs Mets in the almost sold out Yankee Stadium. The Mets won 4:1. Baseball still is a boring game to watch but once every couple of years it is ok 😉
It was the first time I visited a muesum in New York and was very impressed by the Museum of Natural History. Definitely a must visit I have to say.
The last evening I spend at a place that is kinda new and unknown by tourists (yet). It is Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City just on the other side of the East River with great views of the Skyline. A lot of locals are around to spend their evening and for me it was good end of the New York trip. I have to say some years back on my first visit I did not like New York very much, but I like it more and more each trip.
Enjoy the pictures.

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