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New York was the starting point of our Fall Foliage trip. We only spent one full day to explore the city because we want to have more time in the nature in New England.
I have been a couple of times to New York. What really changed this time was the new skyscraper that was build at Ground Zero. Torben has never been to New York so we did the typical tourist tour. We started at Battery Park with the Staten Island Ferry that goes close by the Statue of Liberty. Back at Manhatten we walked to the Wall Street, Ground Zero and onto the Brooklyn Bridge. In the afternoon we met Bill (from my last Nepal trip) who was also in NYC and had a coffee.
What I have not done before was walking on the High Line, an old Subway line that is not used anymore and you can walk on the old tracks above the streets.
In the evening we met Denis and Nata who I studied with. They moved to New York last year. Alltogether we went to the Time Square and to Hooters 🙂 before heading back to the Hotel…
The weather was warm but not very sunny. Sadly the forecast for the next days is really bad… Lets hope for the best…

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