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Northern Cyprus is the Turkish part of Cyprus and only accepted as a country by the Turkish. Therefore it is a little difficult to reach, as there are no direct flights from Europe. The capital is devided into 2 parts, Nikosia – the greek part and Lefkosa, the Turkish part. Unlike the Greek part, Turism is very small in Norhtern Cyprus with only a few hotels mostly around Girne and Salamis. Cyprus was a former British colony and still driving a car is on the left hand side which was a funny thing to do. I never drove on the „wrong“ side.
There are quite a few things to visit and it is necessary to use a rental car. Girne is a very nice city with a beutiful harbour, a castle and lots of restaurants. Close to Girne is a crusader castle called St. Hilarion with good views. An even better place to visit is the second cruisader castle – Buffavento. After some steep stairs the view is breathtaking, especially for sunset. There are no closing hours in that castle so it is open whenever you want to visit.
For hiking it was already too warm and the sun too intense, but we did a short trip around the Five Fingers Moutain (Besparmak) that was about it. On the East Coast there is an ancient site called Salamis, which is nice to visit in the evening with just a few people, but some snakes ;). In Lefkosa with its former cathedral, now mosque, we spend a half day mostly for shopping.
Norhern Cyprus definitly was a good destination to spend one week in spring, especially without having to many tourists around.

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