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This trip was a 4 week camping trip with Trek America. Again I just had to bring my sleeping bag and the rest was organized (Van, Driver, Camping Gear…). A very cheap way to discover the country. On this tour I used a Digital Camera for the first time (just a compact camera). Again I had a great group, mostly English and Australian. First I had some days in New York. Afterwards we drove to Niagara Falls where we stayed 2 nights. Chicago was the next destination. One night we spend in the middle of Wisconsin at one of the many lakes. After 2 long driving days we reached Badlands National park and Mount Rushmore. It was very warm. Just 2 nights later we were freezing in Yellowstone. The park was amazing with all the wildlife. From Yellowstone we drove north to Glacier NP in Montana. We crossed the border to Canada and drove to Banff National Park. It started to snow but we had one great sunny day. Via Vancouver and Seattle we drove south to San Francisco and further to Yosemite. The tour ended in Los Angeles.

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