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Well, it could have been snowing at this time of the year but the weather was awesome. The first day we arrived at noon at Yellowstone and stayed the rest of the day to watch geysers erupt. Most impressive was Grand Geyser. But also Old Faithful and Castle Geyser did erupt. The second day started at 5:55 am. The sun was not up yet but everywhere it was smoking in the ground. And lots of wildlife. First stop was the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone to watch the rainbow at the Lower Fall afterwards Hayden Valley for wildlife. It was really worth it. A coyote came very close… The afternoon we spent at Mammoth Hotsprings. To watch more wildlife we went back to Hayden Valley and we saw 5 Grizzlys very far away, too far for pictures but with the telescope some guys had they could be seen. Well and then it happened. The remote control of the car stopped working. Battery was dead. And also the emergency key did not work. The car did simply not open. And ALL stuff was inside. Mobile phone, passport, warm clothes… I asked a guy if he could help us calling the rental company. And he and his friend were awesome. Well the rental car company could not send anyone to Yellowstone, and gave us a number of Yellowstone car service which was closed… Great. We ended up in calling 911. A ranger was
send to help us. In the meantime it was getting dark and cold. Great that we had company! They gave us warm clothes, started cooking a lovely dinner and even gave me a wide angle lens for the night sky because I still had the tele on my camera… So we got really really lucky. Well in the darkness you could not see but hear the animals, especially coyotes. The night sky was awesome! Great view of the milky way. Luckily the grizzlys did not get attracted by our food. Just some days earlier a guy got killed by a grizzly in this region. Finally the ranger did arrive and he could brake into the car. Took him two minutes… And we could finally drive back. Thanks to the two guys the evening turned into a great experience!

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