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Yet another business trip… This time I went to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Again I had a bit of time for some photography.
In Abu Dhabi I was very impressed by the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It is a huge building! I visited it 2 times – one time before and one time after work, which were just the best hours to visit anyway – in the morning and for sunset. Morning means 9am (opening time) with no people around and for sunset it was packed with tourists, but the light was nice.
Sadly I had not much time, work was very intense, but once I just arrived in time for sunset at the ocean to photograph the skyline and the Emirates Palace (from the outside).

Friday afternoon I travelled to Dubai, but stopped at the Yas Marina Circuit which was on the way – this is the Formula 1 race track in Abu Dhabi. I did a tour and was shown around the track.

In Dubai I was impressed by the Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world. I can still feel my neck from looking up all the time. I did a 5:30 am sunrise tour to the viewing platform at more than 400m. Sadly this platform was not made for photographers. To the south everything is behind glass, to the north there were originally gaps in the glass but they put big metal bars just in front. My lens did not completely fit through but I managed to take some pictures with the tripod which came out quite well.

The malls are also crazy, Mall of the Emirates where you can drive ski, and Mall of Dubai, with Aquarium and an Ice field where you could go Ice skating… The Mall of Dubai is directly connected to the Burj Khalifa. In front of it is the fountain/water show that goes off every 30 Minutes beginning at dusk. The music and the water show is different every time and very impressive. Water can be shot up to 100m! Also the Burj is illuminated impressively with a lightshow.

Dubai Old town is also a good place to visit, especially in the evening. Crossing the Creek with an Abra and afterwards the Gold and Spice Souk is what I did.

From the temperatures it was ok in the evening maybe 25 deg, but during the day it got up to 38. Crazy warm… And this was just spring – no place for me in summer.

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