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I took this 6 day trip to Iceland with two friends that like to photograph as much as I do, so finally we could spend endless time for taking pictures at the sights. The first two days in Iceland where not typical at all. The sun was shining, when approaching Iceland the view from the airplane was amazing. Temperature about 18 degrees Celcius. In Reykjavik we only had time for a short walk through the city. From top of the church there is a nice view and the harbour is quite nice with a sculpture of a whale skeleton. But other than that the city has not really much to offer. So no need to stay longer than for 1 night.
The next day was a really long one. First stop was Thingvellir National Park where you can see the tetonic drift between the North American and European plate. Next stop was the famous Strokkur Geysir and after that the Gulfoss waterfall.

In the evening I took some nice shots at Seljalandsfoss, my favourite waterfall on this trip. It was amazing how you could see the sun set from behind the waterfall. At the end of the day I had a little sunburn! In Iceland… I did expect everything but not that 😉

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