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When I booked this trip in mid-summer the Corona Virus was almost non existing in Iceland anymore and Germans were allowed to enter without going to quarantine. Two months later everything looked different. Iceland was among the countries with the highest rates in Europe and visitors have to quarantine for 6 days (with two Corona tests). Germany put Iceland on the „Risk Country“ list which also means to quarantine after the trip back home. Luckily we booked with Lufthansa from Frankfurt, Icelandair cancelled almost all its flights. The airport in Reykjavik was deserted, no other flights arrived expect ours. Basically everyting was closed, also the shuttle to the rental cars did no run, so we had to walk with all our luggage for quite a bit.
Four our quarantine location we choose a wonderful little cottage in the middle of nowhere on the Snaefellsnes peninsula. The owner did the shopping for us but most of the things we brought from Germany (quaranite rules). What we were allowed to do during quarantine was driving a bit around in the car, go hiking go to the beach – everything and everywhere where we do not meet any other people. This was actually very easy. There was noone there. No other tourists, all the places were deserted. After a couple of days quarantine was lifted after a 2nd negative test. We could go shopping for ourselves now.
I did like Snaefellsnes Peninsula very much. Beautiful landscape, some nice waterfalls, fall colors everywhere. The most famous waterfall is Kirkjufellsfoss. The volcano Snaefellsjökull is always present at the west side of the peninsula. It is 1446m high and visible even from Reykjavik on clear days.
With the ferry from Stykkisholmur we travelled to the wild and remote West Fjords where we stayed the second part of our trip. There are still a lot of dirt roads (with looots of potholes) which makes driving a bit more interesting. Sadly October is no puffin season, so we did not go to the cliffs at Latrabjarg. Highlight is the waterfall Dynjandi which is absolutly beautiful. Again no tourists – and the parking lot was quite huge. I guess travel will increase here (after Corona) – a new tunnel is about to open. Other than that it is nice to drive up and down the Fjords. There are some small towns and always changing views (and weather). Route 61 from Isafjördur is very nice going up and down the fjords. My highlight was the dirt-road into the remote Strandir region with fantastic views and the old factory in Djupavik on the way. Sadly the hot-springs at the end were under construction.
We enjoyed the trip very much, having the sights just for us was great. We always try to travel in low season but this was just crazy with noone around – Iceland had a too high increase of tourism over the last years. This was my third visit, I still miss doing the circle, so there is enough for next time.

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