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Well, best would have been to just to fly to Agra, see Taj Mahal and back. Ok I am sure there are nice places in India, maybe Goa or the South, but Delhi is the worst city I have ever been. Such a dirty place. When I got out of the Airplane I had the smell of eggs in my nose. The SMOG was unbelievable. You could hardly see 100m. And Agra or Jaipur were not really better. The whole time you could see the sun as a little red dot at the sky.
Lets start from the beginning. I arrived well at Delhi and found myself a Taxi what couldn’t find the hotel and charged the double price of the usual cost. Then I was dropped at the wrong place, at least in a 20 Minute walking distance… Like in Nepal I joined a Tour, this one called „Golden Triangle“ going to Agra and Jaipur. Everything went well, but after the clean air in Nepal it was just horrible. The sights were nice, but honestly, Taj Mahal is nice, but for me the Hagia Sophia or Blue Mosque in Istanbul do deserve a lot more to be a „New Worldwonder“.  Well at least I have all 7 now :). And that was the reason why I came to India. The rest of the sights were ok but not that impressive for me, but that was maybe because I just wanted to get away from all that dirt and Smog. I visited Agra Fort, Jaipur Fort, Fatehpur Sikri….

But yeah I am sure, there are some parts in India as well.
What I liked was the food. The curry is really good. And I didn’t have any problems with my stomach 🙂

After that week I was just happy to get back to Germany.

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