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Like every year, Easter is the time for a city trip. This time Ljubljana, the capital of Slowenia was on the radar. The population of the city is about 270.000 people, lots of them students, so it is one of the youngest cities in Europe. The center is small but beautiful and closed for traffic. The old town is at a river winding around a little hill with a castle on top. Almost every day there is a market in the old town with farmers selling their local products. From the sightseeing point of view there is not that much to see, basically it is walking around the old city with its small streets and squares which is wonderful. And trying some local food including some good chocolate. Famous are two bridges – the triple Bridge and also the Dragon Bridge over Ljubljanica River. For a nice view it is worth climbing up to the castle. You can even see the Alps from there. Also a nice viewpoint with a good café is Neboticnik Tower. It used to be one of the highest buildings in Europe – 1933 when it was opened. From the about 70m high café on the top the views are great. For the day last day I rented a car to drive a little bit around the countryside. First Destination was Skofja Loka a little city, second stop was Bled in the alps at a wonderful lake with a famous church. This is one of the tourist destinations in Slovenia. Even if absolutely on the countryside, parking is a lot more expensive than here in Meersburg ;). But it was nice walking around the lake drive up to the castle and discovering a narrow gorge (Vintgar Gorge) close to the city. Actually it was closed but no one cared walking on the broken walkway along the river. This was just about 2 hours before flying home… ;).

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