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Madeira – the Island of eternal spring – very true. While in Germany the first snow was falling we enjoyed the temperatures and sun (not always to be honest) in Madeira. It was our second trip during Corona (after Iceland 1 ½ month ago) and it was great again. Madeira has very low Corona numbers and rules for tourists are not too strict. Just a Corona Test and we had our (negative) result 5-6 hours later (after waiting in the hotel-room). We were good to go and do anything. Restaurants are open, shops are open, tourist attractions are open. We just had to send in a daily Corona-status via Internet.
The first week we stayed in a small but very good Hotel (Quinta do Forao) at the North shore high on a cliff. Very cool sunrises in the morning. The second week we stayed in two different holidays houses in the South.

Very impressive was the storm with high waves and lots of water and quite a few mud-slides on the streets. Seixal was the place with the high waves. I liked the Fairy Forest (Fanal) very much. We had the perfect weather for it – fog. Also we hiked a bit at/on the Levadas – 25 Fontes (nice but not super impressive – don’t understand why it is so popular) and Rabacal (much more impressive) where we got heavily rained in. I can’t remember when I was that wet…
Even if the South Coast gets a lot more sun I liked the „wild“ North Coast much more. Sadly the old road to Porto Moniz is closed and damaged in many parts, you can hike a bit up and down. On the South shore you find some old roads that are open. Even one with a waterfall you can drive through – funny. Ponta do Sol and Camara de Lobos I liked most. In Funchal we just visted the Botanical Garden.
Two weeks were over too fast. Lets hope travelling will get a bit easier next year.


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