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A very good time of the year to visit the Adriatic Coast is end of April. While in Germany it can still be cold, it is already warm and sunny in Montenegro. At least that was the idea but instead it was raining quite a lot, but the weather gave some nice photo opportunities.
Actually I chose Montenegro because I have seen pictures of the bay of Kotor and was very impressed. And exactly that is where we stayed. I booked a little flat with nice views of the bay 8km away from Kotor. Beautiful! Just imagine a Norwegian Fjord with palm trees 🙂 While in the bay it was still pre-season and actually the best time to visit, the cruise ship season was already active. Up to 2 huge ships every day. Too much for the small bay and the city of Kotor. Summer must be horrible with even more tourists.
Beside Kotor we visited a couple of destinations – the old town of Budva (a bit carzy to find a parking spot), Tivat with Porto Montenegro and its huge jachts, the luxury hotel Sv. Stefan and the mountains (Lovcen Nationalpark). Beautiful!
Driving is very easy and very slow, lots of cars on the streets… Again summer must be a lot worse… Montenegro is not so popular by Europpean Tourists yet, but also here Tourist numbers are increasing but the infrastructure is not really ready to handle more…
I left enough possiblities for another visit, especially the mountains!
Enjoy the pictures

Enjoy the pictures

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