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For the second time the Norwegian winter wonderland was on the list – this time a small roadtrip from Trondheim to Bergen with a rental car. When I checked out the webcams a couple of days before, everything looked grey – there was no snow at all in the costal towns. Luckily that changed – everything turned white for the first days on the trip. Trondheim and Molde were the first stops. It was cool driving down the Atlantic road, especially a 10 km part between Molde and Kristiansund. Luckily that day was stormy, and it was very good having a good and water sealed camera. Next destination was Alesund, a beautiful small town with a great lookout point. Here finally the Northern Lights came out a little. Still not perfect but the best I have seen so far. From Alesund it was a long driving day to Flam, at the end of a deep Fjord. I was there a very long time ago on a cruise. The Flam Railway (a very steep train) is also running in winter, but to be honest, 50€ were not really worth it. More impressive was the lookout Stegastein high above the fjord. The road is also open in wintertime. Next destination was Eidfjord and a waterfall called Voringfossen 20 mins above the city. Due to maintenance work on the platforms, the waterfall should not be visited – of course I ignored that sign ;). The last stop was Bergen – 5 deg. Celcius plus rain did not really make fun.
It was a really good experience to visit everything in winter, driving – even without spikes – was no problem. There were almost no tourists around, except on the Hurtigruten ships – on the other hand almost everything was closed but that was ok. To see the polar lights it is better to go further north which I will do again next time I guess.

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