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Just one night after coming back from Dubai I had to fly all the way back (and a bit further) to Oman. I was here January this year, now the temperatures are a bit hotter and finally the new airport is open. Just after arrival I got my rental car and drove to Nizwa where I had to work for the day. I finished early so I had time to visit Nizwa. Like in January I visited the castle, just this time it was a lot hotter. About 37 degC in the evening… Luckily the castle stayed open until after sunset, so I watched it from the top.
The next days I spent at Jebel Akhdar – the Green Mountain. After a police checkpoint (for 4WD) the street winds up into the mountains. It seems a bit ridiculous that only a 4WD drive is allowed, the street is perfectly fine and completely paved…
On the 2000m high plateau temperature were just perfect. 25 day / 15 night…. Beside the impressive cliffs (I sometimes had time before or after work on the way to the hotel) I visited Wadi Bani Habib with some nice views of the ruins. Hotels are the big downside here. Either super expensive 5 star or a bit crap.
On this trip I had the chance to visit the Friday cattle market in Nizwa twice – an impressive experience. Goats, cows but also other kinds of animals were sold. I did a lot of pictures there. It is still very authentic and not overrun by tourists.
In Muscat I spent one night on this trip with just a short morning visit at the Sultan Qaboos Mosque – nothing else (except a good Camel Burger in the evening). After being in Abu Dhabi just the week before, I have to say, the mosque in Abu Dhabi was a bit more impressive form the outside (it is bigger), but the chandelier and inside is much more impressive here in Muscat.
The final night I spent in a desert camp in Wahiba Sands. The camp (Sands Dream Desert Camp) was 12km out in the desert. With the 4WD it was no problem to reach it, I drove a lot of gravel roads before but never on sand. It was not necessary to deflate the tires. Sadly it was very windy, especially at night, so there was no clear nightsky, just a very very sandy camera…

I am not sure if I come back anytime soon, the projects are finished, but on both trips I was impressed by the hospitality of the people.

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