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For the first time I was in Romania – again this was a business trip, but I had a long weekend to discover the country a bit. I had to work in Bucharest, but the City did not impress me at all. The biggest building is the parliament, the 2nd biggest administrative building in the world (after the Pentagon). It is a huge complex. The old town is small and consists of lots of small restaurants.
More impressive was the countryside and Transylvania. On the roads (parts are really bad…) are still horse-drawn wagons and the towns are much nicer than Bucharest.
Sibiu (Hermannstadt) has a beautiful old town. There is a good viewpoint from one of the churches. Also Brasov (Kronstadt) has a nice old town with the black church and the white and black tower (which is not black anymore – they cleaned it). What I liked were the many castles. The most famous is the one in Bran – the Dracula castle which I visited of course. Also I went to the castle of Rasnov (Rosenau) and hiked up a lot of stairs to another castle called Poenari (which people say is the “real” Dracula castle).
Sadly the mountain road called Transfagarasan is closed for winter, so I drove up a bit from both sides (North and South) – from the North side even in snow… The road is known to be a beautiful roadtrip through the mountains.
If I come again I would choose fall. I think the countryside will have beautiful fall colors.

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