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14 years ago I was in Rome on a school trip. Now it was the second time I visited the city and I was really impressed. October was a great time for the visit, temperatures about 26 degrees, sunshine the whole day long and not so many tourists around. Of course the main attractions stayed the same – just with a little less access to certain areas. As it was a family trip we stayed in a big flat close to the Vatican with great views and most important – above a Pizzaria :). While the rest was staying for a whole week I had only time for 2 full days + 2 half travel days – time was really packed with sightseeing and photographing! First day we got up early and took the Bus to the Colosseum. After the visit we went to two churches – San Clemente and the Basilica San Giovanni. The afternoon we spend on Palatin and in Forum Romanum where we took the bus back. In the evening I went to take pictures at San Pietro of the Basilica (Petersdom) and Castel Sant’Angelo (Engelsburg).
The 2nd day we went to visit the Basilica San Pietro (also the top) and went all the way via Piazza del Popolo to visit the Galeria Borghese. On the way back we used the Spanish Steps (Spanische Treppe) and went again via San Pietro back to the flat. In the evening there was a big event at the Vatican and a lot of people were outside. I had hoped to see the pope, but guess who was not showing… they just showed some old recorded prayers on the bigscreens… a little disappointing, but watching all the people around that came was quite impressive.
The last morning I got up at 6 am to catch the sunrise which was great. At the begining no people were around but the Vatican filled up very early with people queuing for the Basilica. After a short (free) visit of the Castel Sant’Angelo I went back to the airport. Due to massivly crouded trains I had to take a taxi…

Enjoy the pics.

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