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To get to Ushuaia by land is a very long drive. From Puerto Natales we took the road South to Punta Arenas but before reaching the city we turned east along the Magellan Strait. The only interesting (photo) stop on that road are some abandoned buildings and 2 old ships on shore.  A little further we crossed the Magellan Strait with the ferry. This day the wind and current was very strong and the ride very bumpy. The street (dirt road) to the Argentina Border was still in a horrible condition. Chile does not invest money to build a street that only goes to Argentina… After the border it took another hour to Rio Grande. We did not stop and continued the road for another 50km to an Estacia (Estancia Los Hijas). Here we stayed for the night. An Estancia is the Argentinian Version of a Farm, sheep in that case. We had a wonderful BBQ (Patagonian Lamb) and the farmers told us a little about farming. The next day we arrived in Ushuaia and had a little boat cruise on the Beagle Channel including a little hike on one of the Islands. The following day there was a morning tour in the Tierra del Fuego National Park where we hiked a costal path for 6km. Because the weather was finally nice I took the gondola up to Glacier Martial and walked to a little overlook with great views of the Beagle Channel and Ushuaia.
Sunday the 5th. is my last day here in Ushuaia. I will fly back with a 1 night stopover in Buenos Aires. If everything goes well I will be back in Germany next Tuesday – 33 days holidays over :(.

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