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The idea of escaping the cold german weather worked very well this time. +18 Deg (Celsius) and sunshine all day long was just perfect.
The Highlight of Andalusia is the Alhambra in Granada. A week before I checked for tickets online, everything was sold out – even in low season. I did not expect that. But tickets for part of the Alhambra were available so we could visit the gardens and the fortress. Interesting place to visit but full with people. Even worse was the lookout called „Mirador San Nicolas“. From here you can take your shot with the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada (with snow) in the background. It got very!! crowded for sunset. Uff I did not expect that as well.
Second place we visited was Cordoba famous for the Mezquita Cathedral. This used to be a Mosque but in the middle a cathedral was build in the 16th century. You enter a Mosque and suddenly it opens up to a Cathedral. Impressive.
The place which I liked most was Ronda in the Mountains. Most famous is the „Puente Nuevo“ (new bridge) which is very beautiful to photograph in the afternoon/for sunset.
Andalusia is definitly a fantastic destination especially in winter but even in low season there are a lot of tourism around.
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