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It has been some time since the last holidays. This time we spent 3 weeks on Tenerife and La Gomera.
First of all the weather was beautiful. 20-30 deg and most of the time sunny – just the perfect weather (sometimes too hot) to escape the German November. But Tenerife was overrun with tourists, I did not expect those masses. Everywhere! The small streets to Masca were full with cars and busses, we could not even park the first time we drove there.
If you go to Mt. Teide there was simply no parking at almost all spots, it was full with cars – looked like the rental agancies moved all their cars to Mt. Teide. Also some other spots on the island were quite full… But later in the afternoon most cars did dissappear but still we were not alone.
The foto spots on the other hand are amazing. First of all Mt. Teide with the lunar landscape but the whole island offers a lot.
La Gomera on the other hand was empty – not totally, especially when the big cruise ships are docked, but it was much more relaxing than Tenerife. The cloud forrest (and the whole Garajonay National Park) was a very nice spot, especially on warm days – but also when it was real cloudy in the forrest.
I liked the Morro de Argando viewpoint most, we sat on the platform had a picnic and walked back in the dark – this you can only do if the weather is nice, what is not guaranteed (there is a reason that it is named cloud forrest ;))
Enjoy the pictures

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