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This National Park is THE must see in Southern Patagonia. When I was here 2 years ago it was closed due to a big fire. You can still see the huge impact of the fire – lots of dead trees. But in between the gras is green and nature is coming back.
I stayed 4 days / 3 nights in a tent and walked the important parts of the famous W-hike. First day was the arrival day at the park with a short „overview“ hike. The view was really bad but the wildlife amazing. First of all the Guanacos, but even more impressive the Condors! They came extremly close (5 meters). The second day went up to the base of the Torres. It did not rain, but it was very cloudy. At least the Torres were visible. Next day was the French Valley. Here I took the Catamaran on the Lake Pehoe to the other side and walked to long way to French Valley and the first lookout. Here you could see a lot of the impact of the fire – lots of burned trees on the way. Especially on the way back the sun came out and there was a fantastic view of the Cuernos.
The final day plan was to go up to a viewpoint of Glacier Grey. But it rained heavily so we took the first ferry back to the bus to Puerto Natales. Another time I will spend New Years Eve in Chile.

Happy New Year to everyone.

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